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What Unicorn Can Provide To Your Business – Cost Savings!


Human Resources

UNICORN integrates the employee lifecycle into one central system of record. Easily manage employee information, employment history, reviews, training and certifications. Scan and upload all paper employee files and documents into easily retrievable online personnel folders. Now you can go green while increasing the security and accessibility of confidential information.

Talent Management

UNICORN provides comprehensive tools for Recruitment, Onboarding, Performance Management, Succession Management, and Career Development.

Benefits Administration, Open Enrollment and Life Events

Reduce administration expenses while eliminating tedious and time consuming paperwork associated with managing benefit plans. Customizable benefit portal automates the manual process of managing benefits plans, handling open enrollment and manually updating life-event changes.

Payroll, Direct Deposit and Tax Management

UNICORN offers a flexible payroll solution specifically designed to streamline your payroll process, improve productivity and simplify administration. The two most important qualities to consider when selecting a payroll provider is; accuracy and responsive customer service. With an average customer retention rate of 14 years, were confident our service will exceed your expectations and therefore willing to guarantee it in writing. Does your provider offer the same guarantee?

Manager and Employee Self Service Portals

Empower your workforce to access their individual employee information in one centralized online repository. Employees can make benefit plan elections, enter changes during open enrollment periods, process life event changes, view paystubs and W-2’s all via our web portal.

Reporting and HR Metric Tools

Gain complete visibility and insight into your workforce with UNICORN’s comprehensive reporting and HR Metric tools. Information can be accessed across the entire database in real-time and can be exported for further manipulation.

Time, Attendance and Scheduling

UNICORN can capture time and attendance information via multiple methods including; Time-Clocks, Electronic Timesheets, Mobile Devices and Web-Clocks. UNICORN scheduling keeps you in control with adequate staff coverage at the appropriate times based on various criteria including; employee training, certifications, work preferences or lowest cost. You can even track time against various business units, departments, projects and/or clients.

Budgeting and Compensation Planning

Measure trends and make better forecasts. UNICORN’s Budgeting and Compensation planning tool allows managers to make more informed decisions about future events. By utilizing what-if scenarios, you can see the net effect on items such as; effective pay increases, chang-es to benefit costs and etc…


UNICORN’s mobile applications deliver real-time workforce information so employees can conduct business regardless of their location.

UNICORN Savings Guarantee

We guarantee we will reduce your overall Payroll/HR and Benefit expenses by 20% or more or we will pay the cost of your current system for an entire year.

Contact me at aherring@HCFGSolutions.com or 704-806-6884.



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